High Schoolers Find Increased Bullying Over Race in Sonoma County Schools – Feb 28, 2018

There’s turmoil in the nation’s high schools right now – just yesterday Analy High School in Sebastopol was closed in mid-morning after threatening graffiti was found on its campus. The recent Florida shootings have inspired teen activists to make their voices heard about gun control and other issues. The Sonoma County Junior Commission on Human […]

Country Sifting Through New Composting Proposals – Feb 27, 2018

These days our household waste goes in all different directions. And some of the most re-usable material – like the green waste that can be composted – turns into something valuable. For the past two and a half years, Sonoma County has been trucking roughly 80 tons of compostable materials to landfills in neighboring counties, […]

Putting a Spotlight on Women Veterans, and the Country’s Failure to Serve Them – Feb 23, 2018

A local woman who served in Vietnam now devotes her time to improving the lives of other women who have served in the Armed Forces. Today – the third and final part of our conversation with army nurse Kate O’Hare-Palmer. She went from denying the trauma of her Vietnam experience to becoming an activist. Now […]

Nurse Returns from Vietnam, ‘Stuffs’ Her Feelings, Until All Hell Breaks Loose – Feb 22, 2018

Some women veterans believed they wouldn’t experience the severe ups and downs that men felt upon their return from Vietnam. We know now that PTSD strikes regardless of gender. Last week we heard from former Army nurse Kate O’Hare-Palmer as part of our series of interviews with local Vietnam-era veterans. We heard how she saw […]

Microloan Program at La Luz Center Benefits Local Entrepreneurs Who Have Big Ideas – Feb 21, 2018

A new food truck appearing off the Sonoma Highway offers tasty meals. The truck is also an example of a local organization supporting small business with a special kind of investment. La Luz Center in Boyes Hot Springs offers a variety of programs to help local immigrants. They’re seeking to expand one that shows great […]

Celebration in Redwood Valley Honors Volunteer Indian Firefighters Who Saved Homes and Lives – Feb 20, 2018

Remembrances and dedications connected with the fires last October continue nearly every week, even while attention turns to cleanup and rebuilding. When the fires moved onto the Redwood Valley Rancheria on October 8th, eleven members of the Little River Band of Pomo Indians joined together to fight the flames. Reporter Sarah Reith was at the […]

Filmmakers Describe Downsides of San Francisco as a Tech ‘Company Town’ – Feb 16, 2018

Uber, AirBnB and the other tech giants in San Francisco believe what’s good for their industry is good for the city. Sunday night at 10, KRCB TV 22 is rebroadcasting “Company Town” a documentary about San Francisco politics by local filmmakers, Alan Snitow and Deborah Kaufman. When News Director Steve Mencher talked with them in […]

Wine Industry Scholars Program Provides Needed Support for Children of Workers – Feb 15, 2018

Sonoma State University recently announced that 15 students have been awarded up to $10,000 each in scholarships. The new Wine Industry Scholars Program joins the school’s Educational Opportunity Program and its Wine Business Institute to support first generation students. Karen Thompson is Interim Dean of the School of Business and Economics at Sonoma State. She […]

50 Years Later, Army Nurse Recalls Healing on the Front Lines – Feb 13, 2018

No matter how many times we’re reminded, we tend to picture men in battle, even though a multitude of women have served on the front lines in many roles. Last month, KRCB presented Ken Burns’ revealing history of the War in Vietnam. We also interviewed a number of veterans about their experiences. Today, we add […]

Recology Brings Plans for Better Treatment of Workers, and Move to Zero Waste – Feb 8, 2018

You may not give your trash much thought. You put it out, it disappears, you fill up the bins again. But there’s more at stake. In December, the waste management company Recology took over garbage collection from the Ratto Group in parts of the North Bay, affecting 55,000 residential and commercial customers. Reporter Rhian Miller […]