Sue “The Wine Wench” Straight – August 28, 2016

Sue “The Wine Wench” Straight joins host Michele Anna Jordan for a freewheeling conversation about winery tasting rooms, Trentadue’s wine club, her band Manzanita Moon, and what she’d drink on a desert island. It’s an hour of fun on Mouthful, Smart Talk about Food, Wine, and Farming. Host: Michele Anna Jordan.

Lynne Devereux and Elizabeth Dehapiot – August 14, 2016

Mouthful welcomes Lynne Devereux and Elizabeth Dehapiot of Marin French Cheese Company, which is hosting its second annual summer picnic on August 21. We’ll taste some of the cheeses of one of California’s oldest cheese companies, along with beers and wines that will be part of the celebration. Mouthful, Smart Talk About Food, Wine & […]